Sunday, 4 September 2011

Little miss 5

Yesterday we celebrated my granddaughter 5 birthday party at the beach in the park. My granddaughter is the one in the block dress. It was one of the best birthday party that I have been to, the children had so much fun they all went home full and happy.
This is some of her presents.
This is her cake it was very nice.
There was Pinata what great fun they all had with it, even I had a go but my SIL pulled it right up in the tree when it was my turn. Fun day had by all.
Roseanne xx


Debs said...

A lovely party in a lovely spot.

Margaret said...

The birthday girl looks very happy and that is what 5 year olds should be a lovely age and a nice age for grandparents also.

Lynda said...

Looks like a lovely party for your little sweetie.

Bev C said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter. The cake maker did a fantastic job.
happy days.

Steve Finnell said...

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