Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Calico crossroad 4 Birthday

On Saturday, Sarah and my self went over to Pauline at Calico Crossroads to check out Airing of of the quilts by her quilt group ... In Stitchs Quilters
There was so many lovely quilts there ..

This quilt is Cinderberry stitches Bom called Vintage Garden..

This one is the garden journal by Annie Downs:

We also got to meet Isabella . It is so nice to meet up with blogger friends .It was lovely to meet you Isabella ..

This was my favorite quilt ...... called Sunshine Frolic's by The Birdhouse..


Julie said...

What a beautiful day! Lovely quilts too.

Bev C said...

Wow the quilts are beautiful, I am sure you had a wonderful and inspiring day.

Christine said...

WOW. The quilts are all lovely. Hope Pauline does this again sometime .... will definitely try to go.