Thursday, 13 November 2008

Batman Bridge

On Sunday 2 November my family, went to the batman bridge for a barbecue tea .

This bridge is named after John Batman. Who sailed from the river tamar in 1835, to initiate the first settlementof Melbourne.

This is the last thing on Julie's tea towel, That I sent to her for her birthday.

This is looking up from under the bridge.

This is under the bridge. These people are not my family, They were doing a spot of fishing.

I have got more photos of our day out. I will put some more pic on tomorrow.


Julie said...

And I was thinking it was named after a superhero!! Thanks for the information.

Isabella said...

We went to that picnic spot years ago Roseanne with the kids, THANKS for the memories I didn't take photos, see you at Ross if not Sat at Exeter at Paulene's

Bev C said...

Gosh wouldn't that make a good fishing story,"I caught this fish at Batman Bridge" It is a little boys dream fishing spot I bet.
Happy days.

Suzi-q said...

What a massive bridge, very impressive.
Good to see you had a fun day.

Love the new look blog, think I might have a spring clean as well