Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Birthday Gifts.

Last Thursday 16th it was my birthday and my online partner was De.
 De made this lovely sewing machine cover I just love it.
 This is the stitchery on the cover.
 This the rest of the loot I got buy the way De the Orange tim tams they was yummmmmmmmm.
Thank you so much De love every think you sent me.  



Anonymous said...

happy birthday Roseanne ,love your gifts from De.xx

Cathy said...

The orange ones are my favourite too!

Leanne said...

Lovely gifts Razzy, glad you had a lovely day.

Noela said...

Beautiful machine cover De sent you and all the other goodies too. Happy Birthday for the 16th. Hugs.....

Susan In Texas said...

Happy belated birthday, Roseanne, your sewing machine cover is terrific; really love the stitching and the quilting - De must know you well. 8)

Take care,
Susan in sunny Texas