Sunday, 20 January 2013

Freycinet Eco Retreat

 DH was there 2 week ago fire fighting, but lucky the fire did not reach there. The Lady's ask Ian to come back and clear some land and make some new roads.    So I got to go with him and we stayed in this lodge at Freycinet Eco Retreat I had such a great time away.
The first lodge was the best much nicer views we sayed in there..  
Another angle view. 
Bed room. 
View from bed room. 
Lounge room I loved this coffee table on casters you could move it any way both the table move any directions. 
From the hall way. 
Another of  lounge room.
The coffee table that I loved. 
Bath room. 
Yes I had to have a wine while I look at the stunning view. 
I have more photo to show tomorrow. 


shez said...

what a lovely place roseanne.xx

Lib said...

How lucky were you! Looks like a lovely place for a holiday.

Cathy said...

Looks wonderful Raz!! You deserve the break!! xx

Susan In Texas said...

Beautiful place. I loved the table on casters - great idea!

Susan in Texas