Friday, 26 October 2012

Don't Fall Of Your Chair

Don't fall of your chair yes!! I have been sewing. I have made 2 peanut pillows I brought the PDF pattern from here.
 This one will be sent off next week for one of my old bosses we are still good friend today.
 This one is for my DS.  
I have even started doing stitchery again and this going to be a  clock when I finish it and it is for me.


shez said...

lovely job you did Roseanne of these peanuts pillows and glad you are doing a clock for yourself,enjoy your weekend.xx

Jeanette said...

Love your peanut pillows. Bought the pattern months ago & finally got around to cutting one out earlier this week & yes it's now sitting there waiting to be sewn. :) Hugs,

De said...

Good on you!