Sunday, 27 May 2012

Home Made Butter

I decided to make home made butter I got the recipe from TV show called Everyday Gourmet. The show has some really great recipes, it is one of my favorite show on TV.
This lot of butter I made had olive oil in it so it will spreed easy also you add a small amount of salt if you like, but if you would rather leave the salt out you can.
This one has garlic in it I can't what to try it on some bread and baked in the oven.
This one is plain butter would be nice with mashed potato.
This is the butter milk that come from the butter you can use it to make scones or pikelets. 


Anonymous said...

Roseanne thats fantastic,how do you make it? xx

De said...

Wow . that looks awesome. Was it hard to do?

Sue said...

Over the years I've made butter with the kids in my class using film canisters, but never made any for myself. I can see that changing soon after seeing yours. It looks good. I like that cooking show. It has very "doable" recipes doesn't it? I'll be having a go at making the linseed, chia and quinoa bread over the weekend if I remember to get the quinoa! Maybe make the butter for it, too.

Sue said...

This butter looks so yummy, love the scarves as well!