Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Taken A Back Seat

My mum gave me this beautiful tin so I thought it would be great to keep all my hexies blooms in. I have taken a back seat to sewing this year to spending more time with my family and  grand children. I pulled out of my online sewing group as well, by the way I do miss you all. I just needed time to my self  this year. I am still doing a bit of sewing at night. I got the phone call that we never like to get, that my mother in law has has a stroke and has fallen over twice so that is not good.

 This is what I have been up to making some more hexies blooms and my Christmas Fun quilt. 


Maria said...

It is nice to sometimes sit back and enjoy our family.
Your flowers look great and what a lovely tin for them to live in.

retdairyqueen said...

Hope your MIL is doing ok
Love the tin Great for your lovely hexies

Sue said...

Enjoy the hexis, I have been making mine for nearly a year now, I think I have a bout 40 LOL.. hope your mother in law does ok. Hugs

Leanne said...

Hi Razzy. I hope your mother in law will be Ok.
We all do miss you, take care and happy quilting.

Lynda said...

Hi Roseanne

Lovely to see what you're up to but I was sorry to read about your MIL - I hope you receive some good news soon.