Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day!!

 Happy Australia Day
I am hoping to go out to the beach for a BBQ tea. What is every one Else doing today?


Sue said...

Staying in the aircon watching the cricket. Enjoy your barbie.

Sarah said...

Have a great BBQ Raz! We are having a pizza bbq night!

Tracee said...

Happy Australia Day to you too. I've been busy running my dear son around due to his car breaking down in the middle of town.

Susan In Texas said...

Well, here in rainy Texas it is still January 25th, which is me and my DH's 27th wedding anniversary. We went out to a fancy place and ate a huge, delicious meal. So we plan to digest slowly for the next 10 hours or so. 8)

Happy Australia Day,
Susan in Texas

PS Tomorrow we diet!

Maria said...

Have a great Aussie Day with your friends.
After I come home from my morning dip I am staying inside in the cool.42 here today.