Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tea Rose And White

 I have made another scarf I do like the colour of this on tea rose and white mix,
Here is another photo of the scarf...
This is the wool with all these holes in it.
 You knit into each hole from the top. How cool is that.
Roseanne xx


Sue said...

It looks lovely and the colour is really feminine. Now I'm curious....I'll be looking for that yarn. lol

Jo in TAS said...

Oh Razzy can I commission you to do me one it that gorgeous pink or even a swap! I'm no knitter It's beautiful!

Susan In Texas said...

Oh Rosanne, that is seriously cool. I like the colors even better than the previous one. Thanks for showing a picture of it spread out - it makes much more sense now. 8)

Susan in Texas

teresa said...

Oh Razzy this scarf is just gorgeous. I love it!