Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Quilter Crow Part 3

I took my Ruth quilt along with me because it is one of Leanne many deigns

I got Leanne to sign the front of my quilt. My pussy will not be getting on this one.

This is some of the quilt in the vignette. It look so nice but it is going to be very big and a lot of work. I took 3 photo of the quilt so you all could have a look.

This is the hexagon quilt in issue 2 of the vignette is just beautiful. My daughter has started doing this quilt and has all ready made a lot of the hexagons and put them together.

This is the last photo of one of the window, of the quilter crow shop they are just stunning


Anita said...

Love your Ruth quilt!!I was looking at that in the book the other day.

Isabella said...

Soo glad you got your quilt signed Roseanne

Tess said...

Your quilt is just lovely, Razzy...especially the colours.

Tracee said...

Wow, Your work is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the quilts that you and your daughter are doing completed.


Leanne said...

Hi Roseanne, I had such a good day with you and Sarah, Your Ruth's quilt is beautiful.
We must try and get together again soon for a stitching day