Sunday, 31 October 2010

***Great Gift***

This arrive two week after my son went to WA . He brought it for me with 12 months subscription to Country Threads. He said it was my Christmas present I told him I would put it away for Christmas, but he said that I could have it now. When I open it up I had this small light box it has a drawer were you can put your pens in and you can lock you work down with this clip on the top. I took it to camp with me it was very handy. I think I need to make my self a bag to put it in and a pocket to put the power cord in. Thank you so much Andrew I just love my Mini Light box


Janet said...

What a lovely gift--made all the more special by being given by a thoughtful son. You are blessed.

retdairyqueen said...

What a great gift
What a great son
Lucky you

Vicki said...

I can vouch for it being a great little light box - it's really compact and the drawer for the necessary pen/pencil is excellent. You always think of him anyway, Razzy, but especially now as you use this very thoughtful gift and receive your magazines each month.

Bev C said...

What a special son, lucky you to have an early Christmas present. Enjoy.
Happy days.