Sunday, 19 September 2010

Friend out And About

On Friday Sarah and my self headed to Launceston to catch up with our online group friends Christine and Vicki! We started of at King meadows at peckish for a coffee before heading to Esme's for some craft shopping and to catch up with our friend Leanne.

We drove to the Exeter Bakery for lunch and more chatting. Here is myself, Christine and Vicki at the Bakery. Sarah was not in the photo because she took it.

Next stop to visit another friend Pauline at calico crossroads

NO it is all mine you girls are not getting any. I am not doing the Karry Swain work shop so the fabric I got was for my stash.

MMMMMMMM thinking what fabric will I pick for my quilt for the Kerry Swain work shop. There brains were working over time. LOL

I liked all the fabrics the 3 of them pick out. There quilt are all going to look different.

This is me doing what a girl got to do buy more fabric and hid it from DH.

Vicki taking photo of the fabric.

O my goodness some one was a bit naughty buying all that fabric. WHOOP me


Vicki said...

Hmmn, I count 18!! We only picked 13 plus a background, you know Razzy

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks like you had a ball...nice lot of purchases there Raz..

Sarah said...

It sure was a fun day! You bought all that! Goodness! I bet you hid it too lol
x Sarah

Maria said...

What great theropy to go eating chatting and buying fabric with good friends.
On Ya!!!

Pauline said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm cant remember those pics being taken miss roseanne..think miss sarah guilty? ew you wait...maybe ppl will think I amm really tall?...glad you guys had a nice day..cheers

Christine said...

I had a great day with you girls .. always lots of fun. Didn't notice you buy so much fabric ... good on you. Enjoy it all. Wish you were coming next weekend too.

helbel19 said...

What a great day and terrific piccies Roseanne. We always need more fabric thats what I reckon.


Cubby House Crafts said...

What a great day out! Lovely lot of fabrics and love the brownish one with what looks butterflies!
Lisa ʚϊɞ

Suzi-q said...

A fun day out MUST include lots of fabric purchases :)

Kerri said...

Hope you have a great big hand bag to hid you stash in to get inside. You nearly need a trolley. lol.
Looks like a fun day with a great bunch of girls. So jealous. Nice fabrics too

Bev C said...

Hello Roseanne, Wow you ladies had a great time and got lots of fabric. Hope the quilt is fun to make.
Happy days.

Bec said...

I hope you have a great weekend with Kerry! Looks like you have had a lot of fun picking your fabrics! Had a laugh about you hiding fabric from DH! I was just telling a fellow quilted this morning on the phone that after a while the cupboard overflows AND DH gets weary of hearing the 'oh I've had that for ages....' line!
LOL the things we quilters have to do! Bec xxx