Monday, 1 June 2009

Basket Liner

This is what Sarah made me for my birthday. A lovely basket liner. I also got the basket with it.

I love the stitchery on the front it Says... Favourite Treasures... I just love the colours that Sarah picked for me
The liner has got pockets for all my bits and pieces.. I just love it Sarah and thank you so very much for such a wonderful gift

Our birthday's are in May, but we are always busy with other things. So we make something for each other in June. I have not Finished my gift for Sarah as yet .
X Razzy


Christine said...

Happy Birthday. Your gift from Sarah is gorgeous.

Bev C said...

A beautiful gift, having two Birthdays in the one year lucky you!!!!

The little book of Nessie said...

Your gift from Sarah is lovely. Lucky you! Regards, Nessie


Wow how nice is that. Lucky you Razzy.

Pauline said...

hey razzy, I just love that design have loved it for a while..not lucky enough to have someone stitch it for me..ha ha..lucky girl you