Monday, 29 June 2009

Online Store

I brought this lovely scrap bag, of Sarah from her.... online store.... I now I should not buy any more, but a girl can not resist more fabric .

This is some of the colours in the bag
This is some more of the colours.. When you get your order you get this lovely thank you badge...


Isabella said...

That looks really nice razzy and how cute is the little thankyou tag

DAWNIE said...

Hi Razzy,
I too purchased something from Sarah and couldnt get over the lovely tag. I also did a post on it, and now I have just by chance found that you have done same. I am still contemplating the scrap bag - great idea.

Sarah said...

Yeah, those Scrapbags are just GREAT value arent they!
x Sarah
PS: I have been getting heaps of comments on those little button tag things :+)