Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hour Bag

I made this bag for my sons friend. She ask me to make her a bag with cat fabric. It was hard to sew at night with the black lining fabric in the bag .The lining fabric has cat verses on it .I cut the fabric out about a month ago and it has been sitting on my sewing table but it is finished now and ready to go to its new owner . This is another photo of the bag.


simple country living! said...

Hi Roseanne! What a pretty bag! I'm sure your son's girlfriend will be so happy with it! Enjoy your weekend!

Catherine said...

Hope your happy a great long-weekend Razzy!!
Love the bag...its Purrrfect!!! Cathy

Leanne said...

That is really cute Roseanne.


Well done Razzy, I am sure Mel will love it.

helbel19 said...

Great job Razzy, I'm sure he bag will be a big hit.


DAWNIE said...

Hi Roseanne - what a great bag you have knocked up. Am sure that your sons girlfriend would have been wrapped.

thanks for your comment on my blog - keep blogging and am sure that you will be lucky enough to win something. I must admit, this was the first win for me and an awesome surprise.