Sunday, 29 March 2009

50th Anniversary Surprise Lunch

well yesterday it was mum and dad 50th wedding anniversary. We all meet at york cove to surprise mum and dad. We all meet in the lounge for some drink ,while my sister went and pick them up. They thought my sister was taking them out for lunch ,and the rest of us had forgotten about there 50th. This is most of the Fraser clan. My daughter could not make it . One of my sister daughter is a exchange student in France .We all had a very nice lunch followed by cake. We left the present to last. We all went back in to the lounge, and gave them there quilt they was so surprised. We all went back to mum and dads for some wine, Then we tyred the quilt on there bed the colours went very well with there room. well it was very lovely day we all had a good time together ... there is different photo on Sarah blog

Sarah took this photo of DH and my self .

Mum and dad cutting there cake which we had as our desert..

Well was mum happy with her quilt ...Well i think her face says it all ... She just loved it !!!

Sarah and me in my mum bed room with the quilt. The quilt on the wall behind us and the pillows on the bed Sarah and my self made them for mother day a couple of year ago .

This is me posing for the camera on mum bed...


Anonymous said...
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Bev C said...

Hello Roseanne,
It certainly looks like you and your family had such a wonderful day. The quilt is truly special you must be very proud of yourself.
You were very lucky to keep everything a secret from them. I hope you have many special memories to keep from this day.
Happy stitching.

helbel19 said...

Great piccies, what a lovely way to spend the day.


Julie said...

The quilt is so beautiful and I know a lot of love went into every stitch. How sweet your mom and dad look. You look so cute posing on the bed. :-D

Maree said...

What a Great Job you & Sarah have done...the quilt looks Great & the look on your Mum's face is priceless...what a fabulous keepsake...