Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sarah One Hour Bag

This is a bag Sarah designed and she ask me to make it and try her pattern out. You can see i love making them , as I have made three so fare and one more cut out and ready to make. I think Sarah is calling it her one hour bag ..... It is such and easy bag to make..

This is my mum holding her bag that I made for her birthday on the 8th of January

This is a close up of the bag

This bag I made for Wilma a lady that I work with. When i gave it to her on her birthday she started to cry. She love it so much it is so nice to make people happy and I like doing that...

This shows some more of the inside of the bag ..

This one I made for Wendy another lady from my work that is retiring. In this bag I put two pocket in it, one big pocket and one small pocket for her phone. I also Sowed a loop in the side of the bag for keys

I could not put this bag on my blog to now because it is going to be a giveaway so if you would like to now more go to Sarah blog and have a look..


Anonymous said...

What a busy beaver AND they are beautiful, well done. You make a very good pattern tester, Debs.

simple~needs said...

love the bags!! great job!!