Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Lunch With Kerry

From Left was Sarah , Vicki , Kerry, and my self.

On Friday Sarah and my self got up early to go Launceston. We did some shopping of course it was fabric . Then we meet up with Kerry Swain for lunch we went to Cafe Culture in Trevallyn . The lunch that we had was very nice . We are all joined to Prim Treasures our on line group. There are a lot more ladys in our group ,but they could not make it. Sarah is the organiser of all our swaps in our group, she dose such a great job. We did a lot of talking our time went to fast, Before we new it it was 3 pm and time to go home .


Maree said...

Lovely photo...nice to meet up with like minded bloggers.

Catherine said...

I find it very hard to believe that you would talk too much Razzy!! Sorry I couldn't make it...next time!! Cathy

Sarah said...

It was a great lunch Roseanne!! And, time did fly for sure
x Sarah