Monday, 24 November 2008

Tassie Quilting Bloggers Gathering At Ross

On Saturday Sarah and my self got up early to travel to Ross for our Tessie Bloggers Gathering organised By Jo ....... I would like to thank Jo very much for all the hard work that she went to for the bloggers day out ..

It was held at the Ross bakery stables. This is were we all stayed for the day stitching. We also had show and tell I took my ruth Quilt. There was so many nice thing make but I didn't get any photos .

This is all the Tassie Gloggers and Friends. I am not going to name them all because Sarah has got there name on her blog. But I am the one in the brown jacket next the the young girl on the left

Each place setting had this lovely gift bag and a menu of what we was going to do for the day .

This is what was in our bag 2 DMC threads and small bag of jelly baby's. Which Sarah and my self pig out on coming home. ( I got this pic from Christine blog ) Well I don't now about all they other bloggers but I had one very lovely day.

I have got some more photo of our day at Ross I will post again this week .


Julie said...

I am very envious!!

Catherine said...

I had lots of fun too Roseanne! It was lovely to meet you!! And I think you can talk more than me!! LOL, Cathyx

Christine said...

Nice meeting you, Roseanne. Your Ruth's quilt is beautiiful.

Jo in Tas said...

It was lovely to meet you, we'll definitely do it again next year!

Isabella said...

It was great cant wait till May now for the Quilters Crow one if ours was anything to go by it should be a fun day.