Saturday, 25 October 2008

Pilot Station

This is the Pilot Station museum this is were all the artifacts are keep that was use at sea . There is some relay old stuff in there.

This is some more things at the museum. I think these are off a old ship.

This is a old boat and anchor this is on Julies tea towel as well . the only think that is missing from the tea towel is the batman bridge because that is not in George Town .I will have to go for a drive to get a photo of the bridge I will put a photo on my blog of the bridge later on.


Julie said...

I would love to visit this museaum. I am curious about Batman bridge. Why is it called Batman bridge?

Isabella said...

congrats Roseanne, you are doing a great job of showing your part of our state perhaps a few more of us should do the same. lol
I have not been to Georgetown for over twenty years.

clare said...

Great photos it looks to be a beautiful area . Clare's Craftroom