Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pancakes Yummmmmmm

Once a month my grand sons and myself have a cooking day .So this time we made pancakes .We cook these on Saturday .They did not last long as we was cooking then they was eating them .

This pancake has got maple syrup on it .yum. yum ..

Here are my two proud grand sons Korrie and Vawn .The bigger boy is Korrie .Very happy with there cooking day..

This is Vawn he did not eat any because he did not like them .But he had fun making them .I think by teaching then to cook they will be good in the kitchen when they grow up . Their dad dose all the cooking at their house . I wish my DH would do the cooking some times .


helbel19 said...

Its great fun doing things with your grandchildren and seeing their happy faces with a job well done.

Good on you Razzy.


Julie said...

My children love to make pancakes too. We usually have them on weekends. I love your blog!