Monday, 25 August 2008

new home

This book shelf I got of my son in law

It has been hand made out of scrap wood . It is ideal for my fabric . So I started sorting out all my fabric last night . I started stacking my fabric into the book shelf .I have got a lot more fabric to put in to the shelf but I will get it gone .Now I can find the fabric I am looking for . I use to keep them in a tub .When I went through the tub to look for a peace of fabric I would have a mess. It was going to end up on the tip so I have gave it a good home .


Pauline said...

Hey Razz,
hmmm hope you have heaps more need to come visit me more often me thinks!!!! Ha ha. What a great storage spot for ya. You will have to post again when you have it fuller.

Little Mysteries said...

Nice shelf. Now you have a great way to see your fabrics. Will it fill up quick ?