Monday, 18 August 2008

Fabric For Quilt

This is the fabric that i brought for my car quilt.

The brown I got for the backing and the green I got for the borders. I brought this fabric from Esme's one of the two shops that I love to get my fabric from and the other one is Calico Crossroad Country shop..


Flutterby Angel said...

Hello Roseanne
I have enjoyed looking around your blog. Wish I had been around when you and Korrie made those yummy looking cup cakes! He is a lucky boy to have a Nanna who enjoys spending time teaching and having fun with him. I am looking forward to those things.
Take care and I will be back to visit again....

lannyt said...

I just bought some fabric at, which is an online fabric store.

They always seem to have fabric that is exactly to my taste and they have a sale right now.

if you want to check it out, try this link:

Hope you enjoy. Lanny