Sunday, 22 July 2007

scrap Book Photo Album

This is my mother in laws family . She is third
from the left . Her name is laurel

I made this scrap book photo album for my mother in law
80 Th birthday it was so much fun making it . She love it
very much . She told me it was very special it meant more
to her than some think brought out of a shop. The photos
are of all my family and my grand children .We had a big
surprise party for her and invited all her old friends that
she had not seen for a long time. o what a great time we had.
the party was last saturday


Sarah said...

Looks great Razzy!! You will have to make one for yourself ond day!!! LOL

De said...

Lovely present Razzy. Sorry I hadnt been over to your blog for awhile.

miss~nance said...

Looks great Razzy. Mini scrap books make such great pressies.