Sunday, 20 May 2007

Birthday Presents

This is the front cover .The pic is of me holding
my grandson Korrie. The children are a lot older now

Sarah made me this dairy with pic`s of my grandsons
on it . This is the back cover

This is some more pressie`s i got of my husband

These are the pandora`s charm my husband ,son
and mother brought me,

This is the foot spa my daughter brought me .
and my friend brought me the gift pack.


Sarah said...


helbel19 said...

Yes she is Sarah but I'm sure you deserve it Razzy. lol

I gave out hints ( loudly ) for a foot spa but looks like I'll have to come and visit you to have a go.


jenthebum said...

Razzy you said that the children are older now.....does that mean that you are not? (older) lol

I have a foot spa but I must admit I hardly ever use it now. When I was working and on my feet all day I made good use of it. Hope you enjoy your foot spa.