Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Country Keepsake

I made my Raggedie with brown hair as i do not like raggedies very much
Yesterday Sarah, Kristy and my self had a sewing day .
We made a Country Keepsake Pinkeeper . We had so
much fun making this project together . Kristy`s is
the first on the bottom and Sarah`s is they other one.


**De** said...

They look great Razzy - another project finished - WELL DONE!!!!

Roseanne said...

well DE this project was not on my list as it is Sarah ,kristy and my self sewing day. Were we get together and make something and have fun together.

jenthebum said...

Well done Razzy. I am not a lover of Raggedies either but can appreciate others liking them.

Pretty boring if we all like the same things.